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Need junk hauling at your office building or apartment complex? Tucson Junk Disposal in Tucson Arizona can help! Learn how you can get rid of your commercial property’s junk with the speedy professionals who make up our team. We offer a variety of commercial services, and would be happy to lend you a helping hand. 


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Our Commercial Services

Banks and Credit Unions


Is your bank or credit union becoming cluttered? The reality is, anything that you haven’t used for years and isn’t imperative for your clients to have might not be the best thing to take up space. If you feel like your bank/credit union is littered with a few unnecessary items, give Tucson Junk Disposal a call, and we will remove those items as soon as possible.


Construction Sites


Is your construction site becoming hard to maneuver around? Construction is a serious industry where heavy machinery and other expensive equipment are everywhere. Keep your construction site as minimal as possible, to increase employee safety and productivity.


Education and Schools


If you own a commercial property that functions as a school, then you know how important it is for the students and teachers to be in a productive learning environment. When things start to pile up and you have tons of unused furniture that you don’t need, give Tucson Junk Disposal a call for a speedy removal process.


Events and Stadiums


Event and stadium commercial property owners face some of the biggest messes on a weekly basis. If you own either of these types of properties, and have noticed a buildup of unnecessary junk around your facility, contact the professionals at Tucson Junk Disposal.


Manufacturing Materials

Commercial property owners who own manufacturing material business’ constantly see materials not being utilized or bought. This, along with outdated machinery that hasn’t been touched in years, can build up and decrease productivity and safety. Keep the work zone clutter-free for your employees, and get those extra manufacturing materials and equipment disposed of for good.


Office Buildings


If you own an office building, odds are you have employees and clients walking in and out of the facility every single day. With so many people coming through and the potential for more than one business to rent a space in the building, there’s no guarantee that junk won’t pile up. Contact the professionals at Tucson Junk Disposal when it does.




Do you have an extra oven in your kitchen that hasn’t been turned on in months? Are there a few broken chairs and tables in back storage? At Tucson Junk Disposal, we want to ensure that your restaurant stays junk-free.


Real Estate


Whether you are a real estate agent trying to sell a property or a homeowner looking for a change, Tucson Junk Disposal can help you to prepare for your showings. Nothing attracts a buyer like a clutter-free, spacious, and clean home!




No matter what type of contractor you are, Tucson Junk Disposal can help. We can ensure that your commercial property stays in the exact condition you like it, with all non-used equipment and machinery properly disposed of.


Property Managers


As a property manager, you only want the best for your property. One of the best things you can do for both your property’s physical appearance and your own peace of mind is to contact Tucson Junk Disposal for our commercial junk removal services.


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Looking for an affordable solution to having old, unwanted items hauled away that you no longer have use for? Do you have a rental property that needs trashed out or even a deck or mini barn that has seen it’s better days and just needs to go? You’ve come to the right place! TUCSON JUNK DISPOSAL specializes in making unwanted items disappear and when possible, we make them reappear into the hands of people who can still put them to good use. So, if you’re wanting to have your property cleaned up by a professional that works overtime to find a good home for any reusable items, look no further. Give us a call today for a free quote and basic pricing and have your spaces clutter-free in no time!

At our commercial & residential trash removal company, we demolish structures and haul away excess junk or unwanted furniture at fair prices. We do all the work in a timely and efficient manner. We will handle everything from cleaning out to the demolition, to the recycling. We will work with you to remove anything you wish from your property.


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Senior Living Communities

With so many people living in one area, its no wonder that junk piles up. Fortunately, at Tucson Junk Disposal, we focused on just that! We can remove your senior living community property’s junk in a quick and effective manner, so your residents are living in the best facility possible.

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