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Are you searching for junk removal service in Tucson Arizona? Tucson Junk Disposal is ready to serve you with the removal of junk. We will make your junk disappear in no time. When your junk gets accumulated in your house and surroundings, then we will clean up your junk. We take our each job as a challenge and face this challenge with our perfection. Cheap junk removal service of Tucson Arizona ! Free estimates. Call us now or book online quickly!




Why go through the trouble of renting a dumpster and hiring someone for the hard labor when you can call us for the Same Day Service! We provide a full range of junk removal services to residential and commercial clients throughout the Tucson Arizona Area. We remove household junk, construction, real estate, garage cleanouts, attic cleanouts, yard waste, and many other items at affordable prices and professional service.


Listed below are some of the situations where we can help:



Junk Removal The Simple Way


  • Full Service Junk Removal Means
  • No matter where your junk is located on your property or how much of it there is, we can help.
  • We do all of the work while we’re there; you don’t have to do a thing!
  • We do more than put old junk in the back of our truck. We can do carpet removal, deconstruction projects, and more.
  • If the removal made a mess, we’ll even sweep up and be sure to leave your property in clean condition before we head out.
  • After we’re done, we’ll even sort your junk for items that can be taken to a recycling or donation center. That way, we minimize the amount of junk we put in landfills.


Residential Junk Removal Services


  • Are you living in constant clutter? Do you keep planning on removing the clutter out of your home, but never actually get to it? At Tucson Junk Disposal, we pride ourselves in aiding clients nationwide by offering professional, fast, effective junk removal services, including:
  • Apartments: Tucson Junk Disposal helps apartment owners to clear the clutter, so you can continue to work and live in a productive environment.
  • Single Family Homes: If you live in a single family home, and have not yet gotten to cleaning out the junk you and your family members have accumulated over the years, there’s no need to worry. Tucson Junk Disposal is here to save the day!
  • Multi-Family Homes: Whether you live in a single family or multi-family home, our staff works to remove your junk as quickly as possible, without disrupting your neighbors.
  • Foreclosures: If your home is being foreclosed on, then the last thing you want to worry about is removing all the things you don’t need. Let Tucson Junk Disposal remove the things you aren’t taking with you, so you can focus on the possessions you are keeping.


Commercial Junk Removal Services


Do you own a commercial property? Have you noticed that your business’ storage room continues to fill up with junk that you don’t need? Tucson Junk Disposal offers commercial property owners nationwide the following commercial junk removal services, so that you can keep your business running as efficiently as possible:


Tucson Junk Disposal

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Looking for an affordable solution to having old, unwanted items hauled away that you no longer have use for? Do you have a rental property that needs trashed out or even a deck or mini barn that has seen it’s better days and just needs to go? You’ve come to the right place! TUCSON JUNK DISPOSAL specializes in making unwanted items disappear and when possible, we make them reappear into the hands of people who can still put them to good use. So, if you’re wanting to have your property cleaned up by a professional that works overtime to find a good home for any reusable items, look no further. Give us a call today for a free quote and basic pricing and have your spaces clutter-free in no time!

At our commercial & residential trash removal company, we demolish structures and haul away excess junk or unwanted furniture at fair prices. We do all the work in a timely and efficient manner. We will handle everything from cleaning out to the demolition, to the recycling. We will work with you to remove anything you wish from your property.


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  • Banks and Credit Unions: If you own a bank and/or credit union, you know how much clutter can accumulate. Schedule a junk removal appointment with Tucson Junk Disposal, and we will take care of everything for you, so you can continue to focus on running your business.


  • Construction Sites: No matter where your junk is coming from, we can help remove it and get it out of the way. This way, your employees can be more productive and not have to maneuver around clutter.


  • Education and Schools: A school should be a productive learning environment for students and teachers to thrive in. Get all the useless junk removed, so that everyone can focus on learning.


  • Events and Stadiums: There are few messier places on this world than an event hall or stadium after a concert. If your business hosts large events, Tucson Junk Disposal can help by removing all of the unnecessary junk.


  • Manufacturing Materials: Does your business manufacture materials? Sometimes, not all materials are sold or utilized, which can create needless excess. Get that excess removed, instead of letting it just sit there and collect dust.


  • Office Building: Employees and clients filter in and out of office buildings all the time. Through daily routines and coffee runs, office buildings can begin to accumulate the junk of many people. Fortunately, at Tucson Junk Disposal, we can have your office building cleaned out before you know it.


  • Restaurants: Has your restaurant begun to feel crowded? Do you have useless, non-functioning appliances just sitting in your kitchen? Let Tucson Junk Disposal do their part to clean your restaurant out.


  • Real Estate: Are you a homeowner selling your home? Are you a real estate agent hoping to sell a commercial property? Tucson Junk Disposal can help to make sure that your space looks and feels junk-free before potential buyers come by.


  • Contractors: Everyone can benefit from junk removal services, contractors included. If you are a contractor looking for a professional company to come and remove needless possessions and equipment, give Tucson Junk Disposal a call.


  • Property Managers: If you’re a property manager, then one of your main goals is likely to keep your property looking and functioning as good as possible. Fortunately, at Tucson Junk Disposal, we can help to keep the property you’re managing a clutter-free zone.


  • Senior Living Communities: With so many residents in a senior living community, things can get cluttered quickly. Seek professional junk removal services from a team like Tucson Junk Disposal to learn more about how we can make your senior living community a better living environment for both residents and staff.

A Few of the FAQ's

Where will you take my junk?

Depending on what the item is it will either be taken to the dump, a recycling center or a drop off location that is approved by the city of Tucson Arizona, or your respective county.


How do I schedule an appointment to have my junk hauled away?

You can either give us a call to schedule a time, fill out our contact form with as much information as possible about what you need removed, or shoot us a message on our social media accounts.


Do you charge by the hour?

No, we formulate our quote based on the volume of the rubbish that you need to be hauled off. We feel it isn’t fair to charge based on the time it takes us to remove and dispose of your items but rather the amount needing removed.


Are there any items you cannot accept?

Yes, we cannot accept any hazardous waste, oil or lead-based paint, oil, flammable materials, asbestos, or animals (living or remains).

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